• Mobile App Design & Development
  • App Evolution
  • Mobile App Consulting

Codebase One provides all the  services you would expect from a full-service mobile app development agency – design, development, consulting, and deployment. We handle projects ranging from investor prototypes to consumer-facing and employee apps.

As your in-house mobile app team, we can interface with your clients as you see fit – helping with requirements gathering, writing proposals, project management, client communications, and much more.

Mobile Application & PWA Development

Our cross-platform frameworks allow our developers write code for both iOS and Android simultaneously.

UX Design

Hand-chosen UI kits to allow our designers to provide beautiful designs faster.

App Maintenance

Your published mobile app can be updated instantly using our Mobile App Evolution service.

Prototype & MVP Development

Build a fully functional prototype quickly and cheaply to present to investors and partners.

Database Design

Provide your app with secure user accounts, dynamic content, and other personalized layouts.

Mobile App Consulting

Not sure what platform is right for your app? Native or hybrid or PWA? We’re here to help.

App Evolution

Your business needs and the expectations of your users change over time. Your mobile app should evolve to meet those changes. That’s why we provide the App Evolution service, in addition to traditional design and development services. So that your app content continues to be accurate and timely long after it hits the stores.

With the App Evolution subscription we can update your app instantly – without the hassle of using the the App stores. Your changes are pushed directly to your users. You can update assets such as 

Text & Images

Sometimes text and images need a refresh, and sometimes there is an urgent update that can’t wait for App Store approval.

Pages & Sections

Add new pages to your app – or delete obsolete ones. Update the navigation accordingly.

Announcements, Ads & Articles

Weekly content updates keep your app relevant and engaging.

Design Process

A multi-stage design process that begins with a detilaed analysis of the project requirements. The complete app is deployed to the iOS and Play stores. Further iterations are possible thanks to App Evolution.